Player/Base Stats:

TPDTotal Planets Destroyed (Neuted)
TPTTotal Planets Taken
TPBTotal Planets Bombed
TABTotal Armies Bombed
TACTotal Armies Carried (Armies picked)
TADTotal Armies Delivered (Dropped on any planet or on base)
PADPercentage of Armies Delivered (TAD/TAC Percentage)
CAKCarried Armies Killed (Your armies dooshed)
EAOEnemy Armies Ogged (Enemy armies dooshed)
ECKEnemy Carriers Killed
PCKPotential Carriers Killed (Non-carriers with kills)
TEKTotal Enemies Killed
DEFDeaths by Enemy Fire
ACCActual Carriers Created (Ships using your kills to pick)

Kill Stats:

KBPKills by Phaser
KBTKills by Torpedo
KBSKills by Smack (Plasma)
DBPDeaths by Phaser
DBTDeaths by Torpedo
DBSDeath by Smack (Plasma)