Clue Game Statistics

Game DateHome Team -vs- Away TeamScore
Sun, Dec 12 2010I blame Karth -vs- Lee sucks10-10
Sun, Nov 07 2010Pack of Clowns -vs- Sluggoths11-9
Wed, Dec 03 2008Rusty Old Farts -vs- NyquilLedUsToDeath10-9-1
Wed, Oct 29 2008Pog isnt Real! -vs- Away13-7
Wed, Oct 15 2008Twinks -vs- Wheres the beef?10-10
Wed, Oct 01 2008Everyone :ita critter -vs- Its Even Damn It11-9
Wed, Sep 17 2008Home -vs- AlmostOnTime9-10-1
Wed, Sep 03 2008Mutiny! -vs- Away3-16-1
Wed, Aug 20 2008Midnight Smack -vs- falcon == twink9-10-1
Wed, Jul 09 2008twinks twinkilee -vs- twinky twinks11-9
Wed, Jun 25 2008Im fine! -vs- Chew poggy8-11-1
Wed, Jun 11 2008Welcome Back, Lee! -vs- sunshine and rainbows for everyone except zach11-9
Wed, May 28 2008see twink ones -vs- Total Annihilation8-12
Wed, May 14 2008Goodbyew -vs- Shorthanded Goal!11-9
Wed, Apr 30 2008Home -vs- Lowered Expectations!6-12-2
Wed, Apr 16 2008Its Hockey Time! -vs- ----- Yoda Marker (ps. FUCK YOU) -------11-9
Wed, Mar 26 2008In Hellow We Do Not Trust. -vs- Hellowed are the Ori9-10-1
Wed, Mar 12 2008AlienBob Roxxorz -vs- WillTheLosingStreakContinue?10-9-1
Mon, Mar 10 2008ADD -vs- world8-12
Wed, Feb 27 2008Home -vs- me!11-9
Mon, Feb 25 2008RCE -vs- World of Hurt8-11-1
Wed, Feb 20 2008Our Captains a Twink! -vs- twinky late game6-14
Mon, Feb 18 2008Full Moon Cut -vs- Full Moon Sewn!1-18-1
Wed, Feb 13 2008Pogs punted babies -vs- Jo Mama is Pog!9-11
Wed, Feb 06 2008Lee or Bust, Bust Lee! -vs- When Lee Busts, we kick his ass11-9
Wed, Jan 30 2008I luv Kristy! -vs- Whos Kristy?11-9
Mon, Jan 28 2008Team-ADD -vs- Astrum Navis Vir11-10--1
Wed, Jan 23 2008Horned Reapers -vs- idiotsofdeath14-6
Wed, Jan 16 2008Klingon Bloodwine -vs- Alcohol Deficient9-10-1
Wed, Jan 09 2008the fake chongs -vs- Nicaragua Karthik!8-11-1
Wed, Jan 02 2008Home -vs- New Year, Same Old Crap11-9
Thu, Dec 27 2007Full Moon Cut -vs- Avian Determined Destruction11-9
Wed, Dec 26 2007not on FMC :( -vs- Yule tide yodaz13-8--1
Thu, Dec 20 2007RCE -vs- Ducks to Slaughter14-6
Wed, Dec 19 2007more FMC than you -vs- Half Moon Cut10-9-1
Mon, Dec 17 2007Astrum Navis Vir -vs- Full Moon Cut14-6
Wed, Dec 12 2007We wanted 9-7 -vs- Draft Dodgers8-12
Wed, Dec 12 2007!away -vs- Away12-9--1
Wed, Dec 12 2007A.D.D. -vs- !ACC8-12
Wed, Dec 12 2007A.D.D. -vs- RCE7-12-1
Wed, Dec 12 2007Astrum Navis Vir -vs- ANH, A new hope4-16
Wed, Dec 12 2007Astrum Navis Vir -vs- World Twinks11-8-1
Wed, Dec 12 2007Autobots -vs- Deceptions9-10-1
Wed, Dec 12 2007Avian Determined Destruction -vs- Astrum Navis Vir10-10
Wed, Dec 12 2007Avian Determined Destruction -vs- duck season6-14
Wed, Dec 12 2007Cost You Deeeer Round Here !!!! -vs- WillTwink4Beer10-10
Wed, Dec 12 2007Full Moon Cut -vs- McLovin9-11
Wed, Dec 12 2007Full Moon Cut -vs- Nice and Hairy1-19
Wed, Dec 12 2007Full Moon Cut -vs- geno again?1-18-1
Wed, Dec 12 2007God4GivLee! -vs- anticluegame9-9-2
Wed, Dec 12 2007Home -vs- Away10-10
Wed, Dec 12 2007Home -vs- Away11-8-1
Wed, Dec 12 2007Home -vs- Away13-7
Wed, Dec 12 2007Home -vs- I picked you?10-10
Wed, Dec 12 2007Home -vs- Sergio is a twink :P12-8
Wed, Dec 12 2007Home -vs- Twinks Part 49-10-1
Wed, Dec 12 2007Home -vs- What Team?!1-19
Wed, Dec 12 2007Home -vs- zzz8-10-2
Wed, Dec 12 2007KrokNameScummings Lame! -vs- an team...Hellows Helmet12-8
Wed, Dec 12 2007LOT -vs- Full Moon Cut4-16
Wed, Dec 12 2007Lee Should Be Our Captain! -vs- Red Devils10-9-1
Wed, Dec 12 2007Lee is here! -vs- Away9-11
Wed, Dec 12 2007Lees Our Bomber -vs- fix my server :(11-10--1
Wed, Dec 12 2007Leftover Twinks -vs- thanks a LOT1-19
Wed, Dec 12 2007NOT Team Canada! -vs- Blame Canada!12-8
Wed, Dec 12 2007Other Twinks -vs- Red Devils9-10-1
Wed, Dec 12 2007RCE -vs- Please dont hurt us15-5
Wed, Dec 12 2007RCE -vs- Twinktastic!12-7-1
Wed, Dec 12 2007We are MFTs -vs- Away8-12
Wed, Dec 12 2007Yoda Why u Gotta Get all Pissy n Shit -vs- Born Again Twinks!11-9
Wed, Dec 12 2007draft glue -vs- Wnated Newgalaxy!9-11
Wed, Dec 12 2007need more twinks -vs- hellow, hellow9-10-1
Wed, Dec 12 2007psy236 -vs- iHellow8-11-1
Wed, Dec 12 2007rce -vs- FMC19-0-1
Wed, Dec 12 2007untwinky game? -vs- Away9-11
Fri, Aug 03 2007ADD -vs- REMOVE5-15
Fri, Aug 03 2007Avian Determined Destruction -vs- Full Moon Cut7-12-1
Fri, Aug 03 2007Avian Determined Destruction -vs- SUBTRACT!11-9
Fri, Aug 03 2007Full Moon Cut (FMC) -vs- We Love Yoda19-1
Fri, Aug 03 2007Home -vs- July 4th Twinks10-10
Fri, Aug 03 2007Home -vs- buncha twinks8-12
Fri, Aug 03 2007Home -vs- wheres yoda?9-11
Fri, Aug 03 2007Pika Pika! -vs- Who are you twinks?12-7-1
Fri, Aug 03 2007Smellabration Game 4 Pogs Return!!!!!!! -vs- !RCE10-11--1
Fri, Aug 03 2007WE ROCK -vs- WE RULE5-14-1
Fri, Aug 03 2007We got the Newb! -vs- no, we hate yoda11-9
Fri, Aug 03 2007Yoda Classic! -vs- Yoda Rocks!9-11
Fri, Aug 03 2007You Captain! -vs- twinks7-13
Fri, Aug 03 2007free beers -vs- zzzz15-6--1